Steve Capell

Steve Capell

Upon the ripe age of four Steve’s mother, father and sister moved to a new home in Salina, Kansas and the girl that lived right behind their home had the coolest tree house that her father had built. Steve really had no desire to speak to or even notice the girl; however, the tree house became a special place for playing as long as the girl wasn’t around. Steve grew up with the girl and found himself seated in classes with the girl throughout grade school, middle school, and high school. After high school Steve attended an electronic communication school and then graduated with honors. During this time he became even closer to the girl with the tree house and in his mind the tree house became less and less important. Steve ended up asking the girl that he knew all his life to marry him. She accepted and the two of them became one on December 7, 1974.

Steve attended College and graduated with honors with a BS degree in Bible Theology and Human Resources. During this time a son and daughter came into the life of this couple. Steve spent thirty-two years in the telecommunication industry first as a telecommunication microwave engineer and then as a regional project manager. Also during this time the children grew up and moved out and have been replaced by a Chihuahua named Pepper.

Steve has found in his retirement years that reading is a very important aspect of his life. You could say that he is a bibliophile – one who loves to read. When Steve’s nose isn’t stuck inside book you will find him doing many other things that he enjoys like gardening, walking, riding a bike, playing guitar, and playing with his grandson. In his spare time you will find Steve providing personal finance training at Lansing Correctional Facility, life skill training at Crosslines inner city relief center, and motivational training and coaching to men at Lansing Correctional Facility. He also volunteers every Friday at Crosslines where he helps at the Thrift store. He currently is mentoring one on one with one man at Lansing and group mentoring to three other men. He also serves on the board of the local chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. Helping other charities is life long goal and he helps by participating in 5K events.

Steve’s life has been blessed by many people including friends and relatives but the girl with tree house started the blessings many years ago and he is now surrounded by a beautiful family and a Chihuahua named pepper.

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